not a pretty picture. not a good. not a bad. picture. but an argument.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"the void is the supreme fullness, but man is not permitted to know it."

"God could create only by hiding himself.  Otherwise there would be nothing but himself."

"It is possible for us to be mediators between God and the part of creation which is confided to us."

simone weil, gravity and grace


  1. I crave transformation, and yet, I'm afraid of it. What that has to do with your picture and words I don't know.

  2. Love the tones! Beautiful pictures!

  3. embrace the void, float on your back in the unknown and be cleansed in whatever your meaning shall be.

    and dang, your color photos are possibly even more stunning than your b/w, i'm in humble awe of your art mi amiga :)

  4. This. These.

    Are like the knowledge that space is mostly just space.

    The photos are beyond wonderful.

    Weil's thoughts are ... well this is it. This is my desire, my understanding, what I long for, always.

  5. the flower goes from being to nonbeing and never cares a whit. oh, to be like the flower. what an amazing story these photos speak. xo

  6. Molto belle le tue foto! Sono poetiche.. :)

  7. I love the colour, your photographs remind me of images I've seen of distant galaxies growing and expanding millions of light years away/ago. thanks M

  8. so very minimalistic...bunches and bunches of it! Less is more, wonderful.


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