not a pretty picture. not a good. not a bad. picture. but an argument.

Monday, October 7, 2013

the earth's desire



  1. What is staggering, Tiny Leaf, is the feeling of having washed with pumice stone, scrubbed to the center of "washed" with bleached bone honesty, when I read these paragraphs. Refreshed, I am..

  2. Do you realize that your camera work is your attempt at stopping the world for a fragmentary second so you can keep it close to you for eternity? Ah, maybe that's just what our obsessions are, this maddening desire to be in a moment that doesn't end.

  3. A photo beauty, exquisite treatment of the image, almost, dare I say it, but I remember the face of ophelia in Millais painting.
    By the way if you want to feel the world in its fullness, not choose between lake, Vallejo or a self, do not limit yourself, enough to hold us up we do ourselves, go to the lake and become a self reading Vallejo with legs wide open.
    Your friend Damaso...

  4. I read your words yesterday, had to leave, and it was good for me to contemplate them as I drove to town. Now the words are gone from the page, but they remain in my mind.

    I want you to be honest, and I want to understand. I feel it, and I feel the tender words of the three commenters before me. I feel this tenderness, too, for you, for your honesty, for this photo, for your daughter, and for all you do and try to do.

  5. its nice to read that you're being appreciated, mi amiga

    wonderful photos

  6. does she have a golden braid, glimmering in the darkness? i feel taken back thousands of years, into the origin, the beginning of all tales, the tale of our existence, and beyond...


"Words at the limit of hearing, attributable to no one, received in the conch of the ear like dew by a leaf." (philippe jaccottet) or even a quiet presence is appreciated))