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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

intimacy and hope


  1. A scene of edward hooper, the characters are younger but the atmosphere reminds me of the pictures, Morning Sun, Hotel room. There is a photo of Joel Meyerowitz, New York City interior, inspired by these paintings, talking about the permanence and extension of time.

  2. how lovely they are!! how they lean together as this light finds their small bodies, a moment of quiet and love. will they remember, sometimes, in the loud chaos of years to come, and be able to turn toward each other like this for a moment of comfort? i hope so...

  3. Like a Walker Evans! What a gift you bring to the world, Erin.

  4. damaso, these are my children when they were younger and it was on my old film camera and then scanned. i love the grain in it. it speaks to the nostalgia i feel in the shot. i'm glad you like it. when i consider permanence and the extension of time in regards to my children, this is the most difficult confrontation. it is easier in terms of the self, isn't it? you are a father. you would understand this.

    james, remember when they leaned together giggling on the couch the other weekend? such a rare and poignant moment. (ha! transience again! it wouldn't have been as poignant except for its rarity.) i hope i hope they remember it but when i showed it to them they both made violent (loving) motions at the other, tiny fingered guns and zapping annihilators.

    silverfinofhope, you're very kind. i bring nothing, but time to time i manage a sliver of mirror.



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