not a pretty picture. not a good. not a bad. picture. but an argument.

Monday, April 23, 2012

the knowledge of crows and others

it is windy now, it seems
the glass rattles in the frame
earlier today it was windy too
only the crows knew this
only the trees, the tall grasses
what do any of us know from inside our houses?


  1. As a lover of crows I love these pictures. And you are so right. It was windy today and I only noticed because I was looking out my window.

  2. erin,
    beautiful photos and the sad reality you present...sitting inside a multi storey sealed is even more painful to read..

  3. i've never caught a crow in flight. sigh. that second formation is gorgeous.

  4. Amazing photos, Erin. I love ALL birds and flying things. I've been sitting outside listening to the wild, cool wind the past few days. It thrills me & mesmerizes me. I was standing outside yesterday and a shadow passed over me. I looked up and saw two huge Hawks playing with the wind. It was magical. Love you!! xo

  5. We are so remote from what is occurring around us. We're lucky if we notice what's going on inside us.

  6. Crows and ravens make me so happy. These are lovely.

  7. Windy, I have not left a mountain bike because it is too windy, but I will go out to walk to feel the wind.

  8. the world dissolving around their flight... breathtaking.


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