not a pretty picture. not a good. not a bad. picture. but an argument.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

the summer when (?)

what of time?  
the photo taken years ago, the limbs since lengthened 
and yet the water never dries.


  1. holy macaroni this is good. reminds me of mary ellen mark.

  2. A beautiful picture, summer, heat, water, the state of innocence.

  3. What of Time?

    When my Mother was dying, she wished for five more years...

    Instead of being gone 31 years now, she would only be gone 25 years...

    When my Dad was dying, he told me, "I had no idea 90 years could go by so quickly...

    What of Time...

    It is fleeting...


  4. purity

    but not in the sense of a child's innocence, though there is that too here, but in a deeper sense, the purity and detachment of the flow of time through us, life flowing through everything, unbound, unhindered

    i don't know why it makes me cry

  5. roxana, but doesn't he seem to be all about acceptance in this photograph, not innocence or naivete, but acceptance? it seems you see it because you note the purity and detachment of the flow of time. this is what breaks me so often about him. he has a natural wisdom which rises into him, it seems, from a mysterious place, which in my life i scurry after.



"Words at the limit of hearing, attributable to no one, received in the conch of the ear like dew by a leaf." (philippe jaccottet) or even a quiet presence is appreciated))