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Sunday, July 13, 2014

mrs. wiesner gets the mail, time and memory


  1. This looks like a fairy tale, Erin. The sign(?) behind her looks, to me, like it's walking toward her to tap her on the shoulder. :-) xo

  2. Beaucoup de suspens dans cette scène. La nouvelle sera-t-elle, bonne, belle, mauvaise, terrible. Tout est possible

    Erin, tu t'enfonces dans le suspens comme un metteur en scène de cinéma !



  3. mystérieuse et envoutante... j'adore cette photo

  4. Like in dreamworld , so magical !!

  5. There is a timelessness and "spacelessness" here, but it seems to come to me because of the specificity of the title, the name, the person, the place. I don't know just how to navigate that, but that is of the mind. I can simply welcome it into my heart.

  6. mrs. wiesner was getting her mail. i was driving on through looking for crows and that kind of world and dared not to take a photo of her straight on, but only risked a rear view shot once past. it seemed fitting this way anyway. thirty years ago i sat in mrs. wiesner's garden petting her cat, in love with her cat, while my mother picked beans which we would buy. she still lives alone on the same farm. it seems as though it must be a good life.

    thank you for enjoying the photo.



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