Wednesday, July 9, 2014

willing to risk that which is all risk anyways, deepens, ripens - everything


  1. I find a mirror here oftentimes. I was photographing clouds & birds (and dragonflies, of course) earlier this week. Oh, how I love clouds and birds!! Did you know that dragonflies spend up to a year under water, being born/formed, then they live on the earth for a short while, then they fly? Surely, I was a dragonfly in a former life. To such intimately know earth, sky, amazing is that? I'm so eager for tonight's full 'super' moon. It's my birth-month full moon. :-)

  2. Erin, these posts are beautiful, moving, deep and strong. Greatly affecting. Parts of the world, now, for me.

    (I've taken the liberty of putting up a link to your blog, with your permission hopefully -- ? Thanks.)

  3. here is a wonderful reason to go on ,further and further; the dance is of one of one own, no,forever. i feel myself touched and purified by Immensity...

  4. such a courageous little bird who doesn't know the word courage.

    thank you for sharing him with me.



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