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Monday, June 6, 2011

the lilacs

the lilacs come every year

but it's not that they come
it's how they come


  1. thanks aimee. they sure are pretty things and so transient. pulled up last night and saw the colour seeping out of them and realized they're almost past. thought i had better take a shot before they were gone and i was all lament for another year.

    we're lucky enough to have probably 80 year old bushes lining the front of our house, the corner of our lot and all along the back perimeter as well. it's a sad thing to see their passing.


  2. Wow... That must be like heaven, when they bloom.
    The smell is my favorite flower- smell.
    So powerfull! And it remembers old days
    and grandmothers while being overwhelming fresh.
    The photos are really great Erin!
    In some way they give the same feeling
    as the smell of the lilacs does.
    The colours give them this antique impression.
    And the light makes them incredibly fresh.

  3. etheral pic...I'm thinking of the smell

  4. Yes, ethereal in this photo. I see them in my neighbors' yards and drool.

  5. ah, how, how.
    breathtaking capture of light.

  6. Wonderful photos--nice use of sepia on such an old-fashioned blossom. The fragrance must be incdredible.

  7. Ooops. Can't spell, overwhelmed with giddy excitement?


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