not a pretty picture. not a good. not a bad. picture. but an argument.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

alongside the train

it's only happened once in the last year
that they've left the train cars for me

it's not even the cars themselves
although i love the cars
we walk alongside
my children climb them
jump wide
claim a new kind of ownership
i wonder what memories they will grow with
what they will think, remember

i breathe deeply, say, oh, do you smell that?
they don't
but i go places


  1. your live it's deep inside of you ...

    the photo is beautifull really beautifull

  2. oh those tracks
    oh where will
    they lead us?

  3. thank you laura. that's what we do, isn't it, try to live that hard? it's a shot from a few years ago when an old personal religion was transitioning right there alongside the rails. new ones take root all the time, or old ones finally finding light.:)

    this morning, ollie, after this federal election, i'm a little scared. can't imagine you're conservative. me neither. just who was it that gave stephen harper power? i feel as shocked and naive as i did when mulroney got in and brought free trade. i was only 18 then but i remember looking up in history class and asking, who's driving this country, and does any one even care where we're headed?

    but this train, as any train, is a different train. there are as many trains as there are issues, passions, people.

    i want a train straight into the heart of life. so simple, really. why is that train so elusive?


  4. Oh, but this is beautiful. The darkness of this call into distance which is also inevitably a call into the interior / anterior world of the self.... So many wonderful things here. I will be back!

  5. james owens. you make me want to step outside and take a picture. you make me want to see.

    welcome. thanks for coming.


  6. This is my favorite.

    You are quite the photographer; I never realized. I think it suits you (or you suit it? who knows).

    I feel almost embarrassed to hide behind my mask. Perhaps I shall have to put up a picture of myself on my site and let you decide which is more me. First I'll have to find one though.

    When I have time I'll come read some of this. For now I just glanced at pictures.


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