not a pretty picture. not a good. not a bad. picture. but an argument.

Friday, May 20, 2011

on the river

they emerged from the edge of the city
and slipped into the river
beneath a razor sharp moon
i watched them
they watched the skies
everything delivered

Chicago, 2009


  1. a great write-photo combination.

    this is one of the first photographs you had
    shown me. i knew i was in trouble.
    no, i knew i could learn a thing or two.


  2. You a Chi-town girl? Lots of Appalachians relocated there. Back in '74 I was torridly moony for a Tennesseean named Ronnie. She couldn't keep her eyes off the Puerto Ricans with their switchblade moves. (I bugalooed like Another White Guy.) Anyhoo, that nothing to do with pic -- I catch the perfect moment here, surface and motion and light stilled to one eternity. Makes me happy. You delivered -- or found - the good. - Brendan

  3. robert, you know i don't love many of my own shots but this one i love. somehow it strikes me as Canadian, ha! group of seven, or portagers, or something from long ago, something we'd have seen in our cheap-ass history texts. it was a beautiful moment when i got to play voyeur, my favorite game, and the world emerged and treated me.

    brendan, no, i'm no chi-town girl, although i loved the city and wished i'd have gotten more time to explore. i actually went to blogger that year and this makes me laugh so deeply. i went to one or maybe two sessions and then found my own way in the city, a few hours spent with a special friend. (hi, kelly)) i am not social by any means. it was surreal that i was there, and in effect i wasn't, not really.

    down by the river at night by myself there was commotion all about the mouth. i had no idea why. there was a fair opposite the harbour. i watched the lights, watched the people watch the river. everyone was waiting and i didn't know what for. then from under the blanket of darkness a group of kayakers emerged and went - went - nowhere. wtf? i was intrigued. they made their way to the center of the canal and turned and waited too. it was one of the most perfect moments of my life, us all held in stillness like that. and then overhead - fireworks. i walked away then, walked over bridges, past people rushing to see the fireworks. it was the stillness before that that i loved. oh, it was wonderful.


  4. i can see why you would be pleased with this one, erin. i know how you love the light. at first i hardly knew what i was looking at. it didn't seem to matter. it's the light. the light.

  5. and that is moonlight! can you imagine? it's moonlight! even that streak off the edges of the kayaks. oh. it's hard for me to believe even now.



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