not a pretty picture. not a good. not a bad. picture. but an argument.

Monday, May 9, 2011

anatomy of a naked person

what are we?
what are we not?


  1. We are birds in a cage, always dreaming of flying off.

    We are not what we look like. Our bodies are just temporary carriages.

  2. they are, aren't they, rosaria? so surprising. and there is so little to them, really. and yet they cage our so much, and again, so the pendulum sweeps, our so little.


  3. Erin... How can I say it...
    Absolutely fantastic!
    Not a very original way to put it, but really...
    The photograph is really really really
    very very very beautiful! :-))
    Amazing. I love it Erin.
    The detailed furniture in the front, the woman so light.
    Big artwork!
    No no, don't be so modest. It is!

    Thank you Erin! XXX!
    I was just having a dip.
    But you inspire me with this one.
    I have been thinking of doing more nude self portraits.
    But you know, I have very very little flesh...
    and all that. :-))
    Chances are small that I can make it work somehow.
    But now that I see this I really get the urge
    back, to at least give it a try.

  4. nadja, thank you. that's so very generous. i had the shot in my head for days and tried this morning and was so glad to get this. this is me, of course, in spite of my fear of showing flesh, but in the end what do we really have to lose? not one thing. i'm still the same.

    i thought of you using light when i took this, nadja. here i am learning from you.


  5. I knew for sure it was you.
    From the profile of the head. I guess...
    You are so beautiful!
    Light has no mercy on bones Erin. :-))
    But it really loves curves!
    I'm sure you look great in ALL kinds of light!
    I think making self portraits is really liberating.
    Especially nudes of course.
    And especially if you ran hard for cameras, whole your life... Like I did.
    Still won't let anyone else photograph me!
    I need a very good photographer and
    photoshopper for that! Me! "-))
    Keep it up! :-))

  6. Sorry Erin. Me again.
    To say: That's not being generous!
    If I don't mean every letter of what I say:
    I prefer to shut up. :-))

  7. what are we?
    what are we not?

    we are fighters
    body vs soul

  8. This is the paradox of being in the body, is it not? --- this self that seems perpetually on the verge of absence, and yet persists as the locus for consciousness that gives weight and duration to the surrounding objects. The lines of the body that linger here beside the almost surreal clarity of this chair are enough to break my heart. This is extraordinary, Erin.

  9. ollie, body vs soul. it does seem to be (to me) that our bodies somehow hold us back from some truth or state of being, allowing us a new more rigid truth and transient physical state of being. as james says, the paradox.

    james, i'm so grateful you experienced this as you did. painful in its way, isn't it, that we are so ephemeral even in our solidness? but it is, isn't it? this afternoon on my lunch break i went to the bank. an 80 plus year old man jumped the hand rail to get into the bank before me and then he held the door for me and then he let me first in line. i said, no no, you first. he said, what do i have to hurry up for? and i said, ahh, good, enjoy your every day. and he replied, young lady, it is very hard to enjoy these days as my wife is in pain and dying. every paradox of the body was present there in this brief encounter. i wanted to hold him and cry, or run out and jump hedges with him. instead i looked him directly in the eye there where his pupil broke to shards of blue and said, i'm sorry, this is so very hard, isn't it? what else is there?



"Words at the limit of hearing, attributable to no one, received in the conch of the ear like dew by a leaf." (philippe jaccottet) or even a quiet presence is appreciated))