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Friday, January 27, 2012

from out of time's corruption

"Photography does not create eternity, as art does; it embalms time, rescuing it simply from its proper corruption."
- André Bazin (1918–1958), French film critic.


  1. Your photos have done just that. Rescued it from proper corruption. I'm imagining the child who once played with that tractor.

  2. This (tristfully) reminds me to call my aunt, who always kept a set of John Deere farm toys pristine in the basement...awesome photos, erin!

  3. I used to wander here, or there, n'such places as a kid.

  4. It feels alive and dead at the same time. Very moving...

  5. somewhere there is a gray-whiskered man who thinks he has forgotten this tractor, but at night he dreams of pushing it through the dust and wakes with the word home caught in the back of his throat like a bit of milkweed fluff ...


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