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Sunday, January 22, 2012

not so dapper dan

there is something in the lock of winter that i invite
but there is something i revolt against, as well
(today) with fistfuls of lapels 
i'd like to put winter up against a board
and wrestle it out of its quietude


  1. I have come to a love and hate relationship with winter. I mostly love it more than hate winter. At least this winter here in Northern Indiana has left us guessing if the snow will stay long enough for us to enjoy it. We had 4 to 6 inches of snow dumped on us just a couple of days ago and this morning I woke up to a severe thunderstorm. Most of the snow is gone again...

  2. oddly enough (and this is very odd) it rains here today, too, liz. has the world gone mad?

    sometimes winter is like a field, isn't it, reduced enough to breathe and be, to shed and witness what is important, but sometimes it is as though the field has become a mouth and suddenly i am standing on a tongue in tight corners, thrusting to get out. does it feel as though you are on the precipice of action? i have to laugh at myself. i've seen this before, this feeling, but i'm not so sure i have seen the action that it feels will follow.


  3. the photo
    the words
    the comment()
    I'm in winter's mouth here!

  4. Oh yes some days I feel as though I am on the peripice of action! While trying to get out from these corners of this mouth I fear it's trying to swallow me in.

    You ask has the world gone mad? Yes and we have front row seats!


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