not a pretty picture. not a good. not a bad. picture. but an argument.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

it is and i'm not

yes, it is very beautiful where i live

this does not mean that i get to be all greedy over it,
parasitic, suck the ripe blood from its pores

it means that i am irrelevant

and it is very beautiful where i live


  1. liz, you very kindly suggested that the area i live in must be holy. (i used the word beautiful here but it is the same thing that i refer to.) i started thinking about this and my relationship to here and i started thinking about how we as people relate to beautiful areas. too often, when an area is beautiful we jump upon it and try to own it. by no means, did you suggest anything of the sort, liz. this was just my thinking. but what is so awesomely beautiful about here, especially here, is that it speaks with a mouth that is beyond human. it is old and hard, rugged and in so many instances, impenetrable. as a human, i am small against it. i mean nothing. it means everything. all i can do is recognize its beauty, its holiness, and then be thankful, and walk away quietly.


  2. erin,
    i love the part of being irrelevant...a fresh thought....and one of your pictures i have seen to date...its like raining stars across a poorly lit half-stitched sky....beautiful...

  3. All spaces are beautiful just a matter of one to feel so detached and tentative way, not ours but we have to respect
    My world is the opposite of yours
    I have a hard time wanting
    In the end I have adapted and enjoy in this arid and hostile space

  4. Thank you Erin , we all should feel that way about nature this way but sadly you are right about people try to jump on it and try to own. I am sorry if using the word holy to describe where live upset you

  5. your words are striking and tangible, I love it. discovered your space thanks to Bohemian Twilight. you have a beautiful blog, and I will be back.

  6. Wow! Irrelevant in this beauty------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i'll hold on to this thought for a while.

  7. liz, i'm sorry. i've been blocked out of commenting on my own blog and going a bit stir crazy to respond to you. of course, you did not offend me! that is why i made reference to you in my first comment. you just got me thinking about how we approach the very same holy places.

    manik, when you live inside of landscape like this or even if you are canadian and have experienced the sussanah moodie element of bushed, you understand before all else that you are irrelevant:)

    damasao, you stilled me with your photographs of your geography. i'm not quite sure how to respond, but i tried your way.

    mj, welcome. bohemian twilight is a special woman, i think.

    rosaria, you must feel this at time against the ocean?

    (i'm so relieved i can comment back to you again.)))



"Words at the limit of hearing, attributable to no one, received in the conch of the ear like dew by a leaf." (philippe jaccottet) or even a quiet presence is appreciated))