not a pretty picture. not a good. not a bad. picture. but an argument.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


do the trees have memory
can they remember a year
can they pass me hand by hand
    to that place

              that place of innocence?

i wrote some time ago:

doesn't life sometimes feel like
a steady fall from innocence,
every beginning so transitory
it becomes muddied as we fall from it?

i have to remind myself constantly
that there is no real such thing
as a beginning or an end.

so then,
what of innocence?


  1. oh, this is stunning! the trees seem to be dissolving into a milky whiteness, merging with the surrounding white space. just a perfect illustration.

    "can they pass me hand by hand"
    walking among the trees, small but still as one of them. small enough for them to feel protective of you, to feel that tug.

    birth, as it happens, a coming together. i would have thought it a division, separateness not oneness. but of course i would be wrong.

    reading this is a tear filled joy.

  2. tear filled joy. thank you. the truth lives somewhere in both of these, doesn't it?

    in 1973 i was three. i was well fed, warm and loved. everything was possible. even death. but somehow it seems that i knew how to live in the moment. even then light was so very important.


  3. the trees remember.

    beautiful Erin!

  4. it feels as though they can, doesn't it jozien? you just made me very very happy. thank you.


  5. I don't know what happend...
    I know I worked hard very often,
    to not know what happend.
    Still sometimes I feel like being in between worlds.
    Not sure if I am able to touch one.
    Not remembering, yesterday, today, a minute ago...
    Even when too much of it is cristal clear, still.
    Memory... strangest thing...
    Why is it I missed this blog...
    So beautiful... And so are you Erin.

  6. memory is a strange thing, nadja. as though it is an animal with its own mind.

    i'm glad you found your way here.:)


  7. Thank you Erin.
    I'm very happy that I finally made it here also.
    In al my stupidity and with chaotic mind I manage to stumble into a good thing, once in a while. Giving me hope for a couple of days again. "-))
    Really, I can't believe it Erin.
    But I won't loose you again!


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