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Sunday, March 20, 2011


a chickadee
called to me

that's all
nothing else


  1. that's all. that's more than enough. an immeasurable wealth.

    i'm giddy at the thought of spring, erin. the songs coming from the trees are not the same here as there; but the light? i wonder what the light is like where you are. if it undergoes the same changes as it does here. shedding its body of stone it levitates and makes everything its own, makes matter lighter than anyone ever thought possible. actually i don't know what it does but whatever it is it's a blessing.

    so simple and beautiful this.

  2. it was wonderful, andreas. i was in the woods and i stopped at the end of a snow trail and i heard it. it was so clear. i searched the trees at a distance for the bird, thinking it would stay far off from me. i turned again and was startled to find him about five feet away from me at face level in a tree looking right at me and singing. it was awesome!

    giddy is just it! the wind was still cold but i was saying to robert, ohmygod, can you believe it, soon the earth will warm enough that we'll be able to find pockets of warmth. it just seems impossible, doesn't it? and then it will warm more and we'll be able to be barefooted. and then even more and i might fall asleep on an old quilt in my yard. and the light! yes! i can only imagine what it might be for you. it is something special, so special, sacred, and it's linked with everything experienced at the same time like the sound of insects and birds, the tang of fresh berries, the ripeness of the forest floor. it's all intertwined. inseparable. but somehow i'll try to share with you what it might be like here.

    where are your pictures? i swear you said you'd post some:)



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