not a pretty picture. not a good. not a bad. picture. but an argument.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


a bowling pin
a car over the window
swing ropes beyond

let childhood remain
let not our adulthood sully it


  1. I'm stunned by the darkness of the interior, and the light outside, and that bowling pin on a red surface.

    Here and there.
    In and Out.
    Dark and Light.

    Very evocative. The phrases above just another layer of meaning.

  2. Agreed - my back is adult sore today.

  3. of course, it's a car!

    when we as adults lose our way into childhood we often feel like trespassers. or maybe we don't, but we should. we should feel like we're treading holy ground.

  4. rosaria, all around is childhood. i think of these things i took forgranted when i was small like swings or certain toys, or blue ink bottles i had for dandelions. i recognize and hope these simple things might hold the same for my children.

    andreas, i'm just hoping to not disrupt the holy ground along the way:) to nurture exists awfully close to infringe and damage.

    ollie, can't imagine a day without this adult back. funny what we learn to live around.

    thanks for coming by



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