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Saturday, July 2, 2022

A Second Poetry Collection, Blue


I've written a book. My second. And in a way, the writing of a book is easier for me than asking for anyone to read or buy it. However, a great deal of energy goes into the making of a book and not all of the energy is mine.

To honour those people who are the subjects of the writing, to honour those who are affected directly by the writing, to honour others who suffer from depression or who love and support those who suffer from depression, to honour the writers who have already spent time with the book and endorsed it (Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, John Sibley Williams, Emily Tristan Jones and Barton Smock), and to honour my publisher (Jean Huets) who has believed in this work, I take this moment to share with you this newest poetry collection that is forthcoming in October of this year from Circling Rivers, Blue.

Blue is a journey of grief and healing, hope and determination. It is the record of a child (my son) moving through depression toward adulthood, and a mother's love, her need to redeem that which wounds.

Closer to publication, I hope to share some audio of the poems with you and perhaps (I hope hope hope) a piece of music written by my son with the collection Blue in mind.

If you purchase (pre-order available now in the U.S. and Canada) the book, thank you. If you read the book, thank you. If you hear the book, receive the book, my deepest gratitude and tenderest understanding — in this way, we are not alone.

(*Cover art, Blue Heart, Kathleen Loe. If you'd like to touch base, you can reach me at